Chef de Cuisine Jon DuBois
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Honey Multi-Grain Boule, herb butter

(V) Roasted Sunchoke & Orange Salad, shaved fennel, snow peas, caramelized onion soubise 9

(V) Werp Farms Lettuce Salad, roasted butternut squash, sweet & sour cranberries, pumpkin seeds, ricotta salata, sherry vinaigrette 9

(V) Roasted Red & Golden Beets, sylvette arugula, watermelon radish, onion yogurt, freekeh, toasted pistachios, Meyer lemon vinaigrette 10

(V) Chilled Somen Noodles, Hawaiian heart of palm, edamame, shiso, ginger-soy 10

(V) Tomato Rasam Soup, roasted globe eggplant, lentils, brown rice, sweet peppers, cilantro 8

Warm Burrata alla Panna, peperonata, sylvetta arugula, broccoli flax seed crisps 10

(V) Sweet Potato Soup, black bean relish, salsa verde, queso fresco 8

Hen of The Woods Mushroom Pâté, raspberry preserves, pickled fennel 11

Gorgonzola Croquettes, smoked date molasses, sylvetta arugula, braised Red Chief lentils 10

(V) Roasted Globe Eggplant Dip, tomatoes, toasted garlic, parsley, pine nuts, grilled 'naan' 11

(V) Kimchi and Tofu Potstickers, black garlic soy sauce, shaved pear, slivered scallions 10

(V) Palak Rajma (North Indian Stew), kidney beans, roasted cauliflower, wilted spinach crispy rice 12

Housemade Gnocchi, roasted honeycrisp apples, baby spinach, lemon ricotta 12

(V) Spicy Schezuan Tofu, sauteed baby bock choy, brown rice, pickled mushrooms, charred cabbage 11

Spence Farm Iroquois White Corn Polenta, oyster mushrooms, grilled broccoli, butternut squash, black vinegar 12

Za'atar Roasted Acorn Squash, kale and chickpea cake, roasted garlic sauce, cherry bomb pepper and olive relish 11

Healthy Harvest Poached Hen's Egg, smoked potato purée, parsley, country sourdough 12.5

Side items

(V) Chinese Broccoli, miso butter, toasted sesame seeds 6

(V) King Oyster Mushrooms, housemade kimchi 8

(V) Brussels Sprouts, apple vinaigrette, candied walnuts, local espelette peppers 8

(V) indicates an item can be prepared vegan


Selection of Sorbets and Ice Creams, (3) 6

Artisan Cheese Selection, chef’s daily selection of assorted cheeses 14

Divine Mud Imperial Stout Cake, candied cranberries, toffee sauce, coffee ice cream 8

(V) Chocolate Crémeux, red velvet cake, coconut cream, cassis sorbet 8

(V) Coconut Rice Pudding, roasted pineapple, pistachios, passion fruit sorbet 8

 (V) Lime Cheesecake, oranges segments, date almond tuile, chocolate sorbet 8

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