Chef de Cuisine David Chapman
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(V) Schiacciata con L'uva, Tuscan focaccia with Concord grapes, sea salt, rosemary olive oil 4

(V) Werp Farms Greens Salad, ricotta salata, Interlaken, Canadice & Himrod grapes, shaved Green Acres radishes, pumpkin seeds, sherry vinaigrette 9

(V) Fermented Beet Tartare, borscht yogurt, candied pistachios, dill pollen, raspberry powder 10

'Waldorf' Salad, Mike Klug Farms Fuji apples, Hidden Springs ricotta, beet puree, celery root slaw, baby kale, toasted pecans 9

Three Sisters Gardens Pumpkin Potstickers, sesame soy dipping sauce 9

(V) Fresh Spring Roll, snow peas, pickled shiitake mushrooms, Ruby Streak mustard greens, cucumber, mint, apricot soy sauce 9

Burrata alla Panna, peperonata, Nichols Farms wild arugula, broccoli flax seed crisps 10

Hen of The Woods Mushroom Pate, raspberry mostarda, shaved watermelon radishes 11

(V) Nichols Farms Butternut Squash Soup, Fuji apple, Tuscan kale, feta cheese, toasted pecans 8

(V) Heirloom Broccoli Greens, miso soybean puree, sauteed shiitake mushrooms, shaved baby turnips, togarashi, lemon curd 12

Housemade Gnocchi, Burgundy summer truffles, Brussel sprouts, cranberries, pecorino Romano cheese, sage, brown butter & lemon sauce 22

(V) Cashew Masala, pickled cauliflower, snow peas, shaved radishes, lemon vinaigrette 10

(V) Braised Chickpeas, delicata squash, Swiss chard, crispy rice, North Indian spices 12

Spence Farm Poached Duck Egg, smoked potato puree, parsley, country sourdough 12.5

Roasted Maitake Mushrooms, housemade soba noodle, lemon drop pepper, mushroom soy ginger broth, shio kombu 12

Artisan Cheese Selection, Cabot Cloth-bound Cheddar (cow), Piper's Pyramide (goat), Cave Aged Marisa (sheep) 14

Side items

(V) Green Acres Szechuan Green Beans, toasted almonds 8

(V) Oyster Mushrooms, housemade kimchi 8

(V) Foraged Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms, braised greens, creme fraiche, cherry bomb peppers 9

(V) indicates an item can be prepared vegan


(V) Vietnamese Cinnamon Infused Fuji Apples, coconut pudding, sweet rye cake, rolled oat granola, lychee sorbet 8

(V) Dark Chocolate Cake, Klug Farm pear caramel, chocolate cremeux, cassis sorbet 8

(V) Lime Cheesecake, ground cherries, date almond tuile, chocolate sorbet 8

'PB & J', concord grape sorbet, hazelnut mousse, whole wheat cake, PX sherry sorbet 8

Selection of Sorbets and Ice Creams (3), coffee, vanilla, pumpkin, cassis (v), chocolate (v), lychee (v), grape (v) 7

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